Every Week Should Be Fashion Week


Northwest Arkansas is full of creative cultural producers. We love to team up with different talent, stay on trend, and make beautiful things.

NWA Fashion Week | The Fall Shows | 2017 (part one)

Photography // Max Grubb
Creative Direction // Jessica Whalen
Video // Dave Abbott
Models // Jennifer Davenport, Bri’ana Alisha , Carolina Valdizon
Hair // Lindsey Iversen
Makeup // Kristin Von Dietrich Makeup
Styling // Payton Rosenzweig Bridewell
Designs // RC by Richard Cotto
Eyewear // Uptown Eyes
Location Sponsored by Fayetteville – Drake Field

NWA Fashion Week – THE FALL SHOWS will feature two nights of Designer and Boutique Runway Showcases. Bringing in talent from across the state, the line-up is not to be missed!

This event is dedicated to showcasing the creativity and talent in the fashion and design community from NWA Arkansas and across the state. Ticket sales from this event help fund the development and production of opportunities for creative producers in fashion and design in Northwest Arkansas.

NOV 9 | THURSDAY NIGHT: Love, Zelda | Couture Bridal | Junque Rethunque | Steamroller Blues Rogers | Alberti&Co. | Bride ‘N Groom | Aimz Designs | Rosie Rose Designer | Masons | Emily Mars Fashion House | Rulli Torres Studio

NOV 10 | SATURDAY NIGHT: The Rustic Mule | Felix Bui Couture | Melonhopper | HEM Apparel | Material Concepts | She Said Yes | Cordale J Boyd | RC by Richard Cotto | Vesta’s Boutique | DOWN RIGHT DENIM | Chavon Shree | Brittany Nicole



Moroccan Desert Storm

Moroccan Desert Storm

Featuring:  Chavon Shree

Photography: Brandon Watts

Models: Carolina Valdizon, Nicole Sizemore & Taegan Lovelace of Sculp Modeling Agency

Hair and Makeup: Israel Rios

Come Sail Away

Come Sail Away

Featuring:  Hello Luvvy

Photography: Meredith Mashburn

Models: Abby Marin & Taegen Lovelace of Sculp Modeling Agency

Hair and Makeup: Sunshine Broder

Creative Director: Robin Wallis Atkinson

Location sponsored by Beaver Lake Sail Club



Swimsuits and Styling: Payton Bridewell

Photography: Sophia Odelia-Bauer

Hair: Tim Evans

Makeup: Genoa Falar

Model: Keturah White

Keturah White is so much more than a pretty face. A survivor of multiple strokes caused by a congenital heart defect, Keturah has overcome huge obstacles to get where she is today. She was recently awarded a Single Parent Scholarship from Benton County for Fall 2017 to return to school and finish her studies that were interrupted by her health troubles in 2013. Keturah serves as an advocate for the American Heart Association, and the Grassroots Action Team for Northwest Arkansas. She attended the Advocate for Heart Day at the Arkansas State Capitol in February of 2017 and You’re the Cure on the Hill in Washington DC in June, just a few days after this photoshoot. She has lobbied for affordable access to healthcare and against the repeal of the American Care Act. She is a single mother to three beautiful young boys. This fall she returns to college to pursue her passion for Political Science and Public Policy. We are so inspired by Keturah and are so thrilled to share these gorgeous images of a woman who is beautiful inside and out!

Location provided by NWAFW

Modern Love

Modern Love

Clothing: Hers / Lola | His / The Independent Denim and Essentials

Photography: Tanja Heffner

HMU / Styling: Sunshine Broder

Model: Alexis Walker and RJ Geiss

Location provided by MOD Restaurant


Melonhopper Editorial featuring Lacey Rogers

Clothing: Melonhopper

Purses: O’Faolain Leather

Photography: Stephanie Parsley

Hair: Levi Waters

Makeup / Styling: Jessica Humerick

Model: Lacey Rogers with Sculp Agency

Creative Direction: Robin Wallis Atkinson


Location Sponsored by Signature Bank
Staging Sponsored by Buzz Events

Creative Director: Robin Wallis Atkinson
Photography: Aricka Lewis
Videography: Jessica Whalen
Hair Styling: Crissy Roughly, Alicia Martin, Angela Sullivan
Makeup: Kristin Von Dietrich, Joshy Felidae, Kim Pease
Designs provided by Material Concepts – Designers Ashley Little and Amy Johnson
Production Assistant: Kate Stoner
Models: Alondra Lopez, Emily Vue, Kyleen Bowling, Christie Peeler, Payton Bridewell, Mary Semon, Amanda Allen, Khandice Baldwin, Olivia Camylle, Rochelle Bailey