Every Week Should Be Fashion Week


Northwest Arkansas is full of creative cultural producers. We love to team up with different talent, stay on trend, and make beautiful things.


Location Sponsored by Signature Bank
Staging Sponsored by Buzz Events

Creative Director: Robin Wallis Atkinson
Photography: Aricka Lewis
Videography: Jessica Whalen
Hair Styling: Crissy Roughly, Alicia Martin, Angela Sullivan
Makeup: Kristin Von Dietrich, Joshy Felidae, Kim Pease
Designs provided by Material Concepts – Designers Ashley Little and Amy Johnson
Production Assistant: Kate Stoner
Models: Alondra Lopez, Emily Vue, Kyleen Bowling, Christie Peeler, Payton Bridewell, Mary Semon, Amanda Allen, Khandice Baldwin, Olivia Camylle, Rochelle Bailey