Easy No-Sew Masks At Home

If you’re looking to make a fabric face mask, but don’t have a background in sewing we’ve got you covered! Below you will find two simple step by step no-sew face masks with materials you already have at home!

The CDC is recommending everyone wear face coverings in public settings. Implementing this should help continue to “slow the spread” in communities, while also reserving medical-grade masks for healthcare workers and other frontline professionals. 

This will outline the steps in creating your own cloth facemask without the use of a sewing machine. So let’s make your no-sew face mask now!



These masks are meant to help protect others when you go into public settings. Remember to practice good hygiene and proper mask-wearing procedures like not touching your eyes, nose, or mouth when removing your face covering and wash your hands immediately following. Also, be sure to maintain social distancing at all times by staying 6-feet from anyone in public and frequently washing your hands for 20 seconds. 

Best Fabrics For Your Mask

Cotton T-shirts, as well as cotton-based pillowcases, are among the best at-home materials for making a DIY face mask since the fabric is durable and breathable.

Your Two At Home Mask Options Are:

  1. A bandana and hair ties (or rubber bands)
  2. A T-Shirt

How To Make A Mask with A Bandana

The simple and quick option! This face-covering only takes about a minute to put together.

  1. Lay the bandana flat. Fold the top and bottom inward to meet in the middle. Then fold the entire piece in half once more. 

2. Next, slip the hair ties on each end to create the ear loops. Slide them a few inches in on each side toward the middle of the fold.

3. Put the mask on by looping the hair ties over each ear, making sure the smooth side is facing out.

4. Adjust the hair ties by moving them closer together or further apart on the fabric to get your perfect fit!


Remember to wash your face-covering after each use!

How To Make A Mask with A T-Shirt

Repurpose any T-Shirt into your new facemask!

  1. Start by laying your tee flat. Then from either corner measure in 12 inches. This will be one of your straps. It should be 12 inches long and 1 inch wide
  2. Then draw a large rectangle should measure 4 inches wide by 14 inches tall
  3. After your rectangle is drawn measure from the top corner down 7 inches and line out your other strap. Again that’s 12 inches long and 1 inch wide.

4. Once it’s unfolded, the center rectangle should measure 8 inches by 14 inches

5. Then, simply fold down the extra top portion to create the front of your mask. Leaving you with two ties at the top, and bottom to complete your mask.

6. To wear the mask simply tie the lower ties around the back of your neck and the upper ties around the outside of your head. You can adjust the fit by repositioning the location of your straps.

And there you have it! Two simple at-home facemask tutorials. Remember to always wear a mask in public and maintain social distancing. 

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All the best and stay well,

Your NWAFW Family