Every Week Should Be Fashion Week


Northwest Arkansas is full of creative cultural producers. We love to team up with different talent, stay on trend, and make beautiful things.

Endless Summer

Photography // Samantha Tillery
Creative Direction and Styling //  Robin Wallis Atkinson
Model // Kaitlyn Butler
Makeup // Genoa Falar
Caramel Swimsuit // Darcy Apparel
Black Swimsuit // Model’s Own
Location Sponsored by Pam Lightfoot & Bright Bridges LLC

Girl Power

Videography// Jessica Whalen of Truebadours
Photography // Hannah Hall of The Gray People
Creative Direction //  Anna-Claire Butler
Models //Alexa LaVonne, Alexis Peregrino, Anna-Claire Butler,
Brynne Simmons, Gelynda Johnson, Jacquetta Pianalto, Leslie Tellez,
Sofiya Stasiv, Stevi Casey, Taegan Lovelace Veronica Valdizon

Fast Times

Photography // Max Grubb
Creative Direction //  Robin Wallis Atkinson and Anna Branch
Models // Rochelle Bailey and Amanda Knoner
Hair and Makeup // Sunshine Broder
Clothes // Maude

Material Concepts at Parkerman Stables

Photography // Max Grubb
Creative Direction //  Robin Wallis Atkinson
Models // Nicole Sizemore, Charlotte Edsall, Kathleen Gonzalez, Trent Wilson, Jackson Keller
Hair // Craig Stuard, Evelin Herrera, Rebecca Kessler-Leon
Makeup // Pa Xiong, Vanessa Moates
Designs // Material Concepts
Location Sponsored by Parkerman Stables

R-Gene by Richard Cotto

Photography // Max Grubb
Creative Direction // Anna Branch & Robin Wallis Atkinson
Models // Emily Miller, Brynne Simmons, Ellen Rock, Geylin Castillo, Huey Nguyen, Daniel Caldwell, Nicole Calhoun, Merrick Sewell
Hair // Cameron Keyzer, Cuma Keyzer, Britni Phillips
Makeup // Sam Weidman, Pa Xiong, Vanessa Moates
Styling // Anna Branch
Assistant // Shakayla Canaday
Designs // R-Gene by Richard Cotto
Location Sponsored by Record

Chavon Shree by Helen Maurene Cooper

Photography // Helen Maurene Cooper
Creative Direction // Helen Maurene Cooper
Models // Emily Rae, Keturah White, Gelynda Johnson
Hair // Lindsey Iversen and Grace Heffron
Makeup // Genoa Falar
Styling // Chavon Shree and Robin Wallis Atkinson
Designs // Chavon Shree
Eyewear // Uptown Eyes